FREE Skulls Airbrushing Stencils:

You can make any stencils you want yourself and save tons of money. Here are some line drawing of skulls that you can save and print off in any size you want/need.

Check out my template and stencil making videos on YouTube

I highly recommend getting a FREE program called Inkscape to do your digital art for making stencils and templates. INkscape is a fantastic resource for artists -- airbrushing, tattoos, etc. I personally think it is better than Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw and it is FREE:

Click for full-sized skull stencil image for airbrushing and tattoos

Click for FREE full-sized Skull Stencil image for airbrushing and tattoo art

Click for FREE full-sized Skull Stencil image for airbrushing and tattoo art

Click for FREE full-sized skull with eyes stencil image artwork for tattoos and airbrushing art

Click for full-sized image

This is the FREE artwork that one of my friends emailed to me from their collection to submit here and he had used it to make the jester stencil above. Of course you can tweek you version of how you use the stencil to vary the style of your final artwork. You can even use the jester hat with a different skull, etc.

This is the artwork for a nice 3/4 portrait view of a skull for making stencils for your airbrushing and tattoo art, etc. CLICK HERE FOR LARGER IMAGE

vampire skull
Click here for large Skull with Fangs airbrushing and tattoo Stencil Image

Pirate Skull
Pirate Skull eye patch and crossed swords FREE stencil image artwork for airbrushing and tattoos

Pirate and Potato mashers
Skull and German Potato Masher Grenades -- get your FREE Inkscape scalable vector graphics imaging program to make your stencils, templates and artwork.

inexpensive airbrush tattoo stencil material
This is some very, very inexpensive material to use for templates and stencils for airbrushing and door tattooing that cuts nicely by hand -- AND works great in vinyl cutters as well. Research courtesy of Veronica "Ronnie" Deevers. This stuff is colored index dividers for A4 (8.5" X 11' sheets) and is available at lots of places including Dollar Tree where you get 8 sheets of this stuff for a dollar and it is SOLVENT-PROOF!!!!

It can be tough to find at stores. For instance, at Dollar Tree, you usually have to know where it is to find it. It is usually on a horizontal shelf where it is buried tight (see below photo) in the office and art supplies area next to the markers and pens.
cheap airbrush tattoo stencil material Dollar Tree

Airbrushing Skull and true fire on black t-shirts:

pile of 8 skulls
This is an interesting photo out of Cambodia that one of the great self-appointed gods of airbrushing turned into a stencil set with some quick cheap vector imaging work and then released as his own great work of art that he "created". I think he called it "8 Skulls" or something real original and creative like that.

Ha ha ha!!! With a lot more arrogance than brains, I guess he didn't figure that other people had internet access to international news stories and photos. If you run into him be sure to laugh at him. He really needs it.

Anyway, this set is an interesting image and it offers several different skull perspectives in one photo -- yes, a photo, not an original work of art by one of the self-anointed gods of airbrushing.

Chainlink fencing stencil imgae
CHAINLINK: Chainlink Fencing Stencil Image
Thanks to Steve Adams from Australia for asking about a chain link fencing stencil. This is a great example of a very easy image to create in Inkscape or other vector imaging programs. Inkscape is a free program that you can download at If you are using a cutter that requires .ai (Adobe Illustrator) or .cd (Corel Draw) files than Inkscape files (.sag, .png, etc) may not work for you -- or there may be cheat to get around file type limitations on your cutter -- check YouTube! In my opinion Inkscape is a superior program to Corel or Adobe and again Inkscape is FREE!

Here is a link to a bunch of really great FREE skull photos sent to me by Ben Sneen for images reference for your skull art designs and stencil making: - Free Skull Photos


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